Computer Science 1: Hannah Livingston

This is my webpage for Computer Science 1. We
are studying C#. It's my first year of computer
science. It is difficult to learn but it's still fun.
You can check out all my latest projects below. I love
hanging out with my friends and getting all my projects
done on time.



In this project, you can have goodbye showed in five different languages including english. It will also show the flag of the language it is in. When you reset it will automaticlly go back to English.

About Page


In this project, it is a proffsional buisness page where you can read about me and my baking and see my logo and trademark.

Mailing Label


In this project, you can enter your information and when you press "Display Letter" it will display a mailing label that is correctly puncuated.



In this project, when you enter you're height and weight you will get back your BMI which then you can look at the chart to see if it's good or bad.

Car Rental Upgrade


In this project, you can see the price of if you rent one of three cars. You can choose how many days you used it and the miles you spent on it.You can even add extras like sound systems and/or leather seats.

Test Score Program


In this project, you can enter two of you're tests and you will get the grade letter of each and the average grade of the two.

Dice Program


In this project, you can roll two dice and it will give you the sum of the two dice. It will also give you how many times you rolled and the probability of rolling each number.



In this project, you can play a vegas game of craps with all of the rules in place.



In this project, you can order shirts with diffrent sizes and diffrent numbers of shirts. You can add to you're order and when you're done you will get youre recipt.

Slot Machine


In this project, You can play a vegas slot machine. You can bet money which if you lose you will lose you're money. But if you win the jackpot you will win lots of money,

Rock Paper Scissors


In the project, you can play against a friend and see who is the real master of rock paper scissors.

Fish 1


In this project, you can randomly move around youre fish or auto move it. You can speed up or slow down the fish as it is counting how many times it hits each side.

Fish 2D


In this project, you have a fish and it is being chased by a shark that may kill you, so watch out. It will count how many times you hit the top, bottom, left, and right.

NCAA Football Playstation Fiesta Bowl


In the project, you can see the winnings of bowls for Ohio State and Clemson and also see there schedules, you can vote for a team and see what my opinion is... but maybe you shouldn't trust me since I know nothing about football.

Tic Tac Toe


In the project, you can fight againt your friend in a game of tic tac toe and see who is the best at this amazing game.

N Factorial


In the project, you can seee the factorial, sequence, even, odd, and fibonacci for what ever number you put in and the added or multiplied number.

Basic AI game


In the project, you can fight against an invader that will be chasing you, be careful if the invader gets to close it may kill you but don't worry you can shot him with your bullet.

Star Field


In the project, you can see what it feels like to venture through space and it's almost like your going into hiperdrive for all you star wars fans ;)

Fish Aquarium


In the project, you can watch your fish swim around and every so often your fish may be eaten by the big mean shark or caught on the fishing line and die.

Number Array


In this program you can randomly put how ever many numbers in and then find any number you want in all of those nuumbers

Test Score Histogram


There will randomly be 100 different numbers and you will get to see how each one of them places on a grading chart.



There is a bombing plane over you and you have 30 seconds to take it down but it will be shooting back at you.

Final Project


In this project you have to run from the police an dtry to get the gold from the museum and get out of there without getting shot.