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Welcome to my GITA site. This year we are learning HTML, CSS and JavaScript.I will be doing many cool projects. This is one of my favorite classes this year. I am so happy that I got to stay in this class. I love programming because it's a class that I get to be creative and do my own thing most of the time. I can also listen to plenty of music in this class. I have a few friends in this class that I love texting because we can bounce different ideas off of each other. Mr.Salesky is a great techer because he lets us go off and work on our own which is nice because you know he trusts that we are doing our project. Go and explore my website :)


My name is Hannah Livingston. I am a Sophmore in high school. I do swim and waterpolo and outside of school I go to a boxing gym. Besides school I run an etsy shop where I sell stickers that look like the photo of me below but are based off movies. Have a good day.

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